DIGITAL MESSAGE ON-HOLD PLAYER: frequently asked questions

Perhaps you just received your USB digital message on-hold player, or you’ve had it for a while. Wherever you are in the process, we want the installation and usage of your player to be as convenient as possible. But should you have any questions, the following FAQs will help. Don’t see your question listed? Give us a call at (800) 493-9003. Our audio engineer will be happy to help!

Can I Access the Manual Online?

Yup! Here it is!

How Do I Adjust the Volume of the Message On-Hold Player?

Adjust the volume level knob labeled “VOLUME” on the rear of the unit. Turn the knob clockwise to turn the volume up, and counter-clockwise to turn the volume down.

What Does a Blinking Status Light Mean?

A blinking status light means that there is no audio on the player, or the USB flash drive is not inserted correctly.

Do I Insert the RCA Cable into the 8Ω or 600Ω?

It depends on phone system’s electrical impedance. We always suggest using the 8Ω first. If that doesn’t work, move to the 600Ω.

Can I Use My Own Flash Drive?

You sure can! Although every player purchased from us includes a complementary flash drive, many clients opt to buy additional flash drives. Just be sure the memory is at least 8 MB.

Why Would I Need the 1/8” Adapter That’s Included with the Player?

If the included RCA cable does not fit into the message on-hold port of your phone system, try attaching the included 1/8” adapter to the end of the RCA cable. Then, connect it to the necessary message on-hold port of the phone system.

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